Hi! My name is Arnold Winkelried. Of course, it’s not my real name, but the pseudonym that I use at the Straight Dope Message Board. I’m one of the members of the message board, which can answer the bizarre or hard–to–answer questions that you may have. You’ll find at the board many intelligent people that may have an answer for you.

Me in front of the William Tell statue in Altdorf, Uri, Switzerland

Me in front of the William Tell statue in Altdorf, Uri, Switzerland

What is The Straight Dope?

The Straight Dope

Straight Dope bannerYou should also read the articles written by Cecil Adams, the author of the newspaper column The Straight Dope. His answers are often funny and always instructive. Here’s an example of some of the topics covered in his column (the articles are available online at the website):

Straight Dope Message Board

At the Straight Dope site, you will see a link to their message board, one of the best places I have found for general purpose question and answer discussions.


Why choose the name Arnold Winkelried?

Painting of the death of Arnold Winkelried

Ludwig Vogel: Die Eidgenossen bei der Leiche Winkelrieds, 1841
Oel auf Leinwand, 134 x 158 cm, Oeffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, Kunstmuseum (632)
(follow this link for a larger reproduction of this painting)

Flag of Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland

You may wonder why I choose the nom de plume Arnold Winkelried? It’s because I’m a Swiss citizen, and Arnold Winkelried is a Swiss hero (not as well known as William Tell outside of Switzerland, but with an equally interesting story). You can read the tale of the mighty deed of Arnold Winkelried here: Winkelried’s Death at the Battle of Sempach, 1386.

Another, more romantic version: The Battle of Sempach. Charlotte M. Yonge (1823-1901)

Flag of Fribourg

Flag of the canton of Fribourg (the canton in which I lived in Switzerland)


Ignore the Noodles part, it’s just another nickname I tried to create for myself, but no one uses it except me.

Amnesty International

I am also a member of the international human rights group Amnesty International, and participate actively in the local group in my part of the world (Orange County, California, USA). Join Amnesty International now!