Useful Reference Sites

People that frequent the Straight Dope are doubtless interested in finding factual answers to difficult questions. Here are some reference sites that provide useful information on a variety of subjects.

The Straight Dope

The Straight Dope Archive: The One Perfect Source of All Knowledge (searchable)

SDMB Search: Search previous Straight Dope MB threads

Search Engines

Google: The de facto standard in search engines

Yahoo: The Internet organized by categories

dmoz Open Directory: Human-edited Internet directory which removes the chaff

General Information and Reference

Internet Search Tutorial: How to find information on the Internet

Reference Desk: Links to multiple reference sites

Library Spot: More links to more reference sites

Internet Public Library: Reference center laid out like a library

Librarian’s Index to the Internet: Another library reference center

Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Britannica Online: A complete online encyclopedia

Information Please: Online encyclopedia and almanac

Notes and Queries: General Q&A over a wide range of topics

Internet FAQ Consortium: Links to Usenet FAQs of all types

Urban Legends

Snopes: Comprehensive searchable list of urban legends

Urban Legends: alt.folklore.urban and urban legend archive

English Words, Language, and Literature

Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus: Word spelling, usage, and origins

alt.usage.english FAQ: info on usage and word origins

Pseudodictionary: Slang and colloquialisms

Origin of English Sayings: Where English idioms and sayings come from

Word Oddities and Trivia: All sorts of odd and interesting word facts

Puzzle Depot: Anagrams, puzzles, and wordplay

Anagram Engine: Create anagrams, solve crosswords, etc.

Searchable Plays of Shakespeare: Search the works of the Bard

Quotations Page: Searchable quotations

Project Gutenburg: Complete texts of non-copyrighted books

Bibliomania: Free online literature

Babelfish translations: Back-and-forth translations among major world languages

Medicine and Health

Centers for Disease Control: Public health news and statistics

WebMD: Info on health and diseases

Go Ask Alice: Medical information and advice

PubMed Medline: Medical journals database

Places and Maps

CIA World Fact Book: Information on numerous countries

Find a Grave: Find graves for all sorts of people

Google Maps: Maps, directions, satellite view, street view

Map Quest: Maps from all over

Terraserver: USGS satellite imagery and topographical maps

Science and Technology

The Last Word: Questions and answers on everyday science phenomena

Ask a Scientist: Search real answers to real science questions

How Stuff Works: Find out how all sorts of gadgets and processes really work

Mad Science Network: Online labs, science Q&A, and science info

Conversion of Units: Automatic unit converter

International System of Units: Introduction and information on SI units

Physical Constants: Numerous physical constant values & uncertainty

Web Elements: All about the elements

Bad Science: Debunking scientific fallacies

Bad Astronomy: Debunking astronomical fallacies

Heavens Above: Satellites and star charts

Hubble Telescope: Pictures from Hubble

Animal Diversity Web: All about animals


Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics: Tons of information all about mathematics

The Pi-Search Page: Search for a string in Pi + links to download billions of digits

The Integrator: Online integrator from the makers of Mathematica

Numbers in Over 4500 Languages: Count in any language you want

Online Calculators: Not just for mathematics: calculations in numerous subject areas


Internet Movie Database: Everything you wanted to know about the movies

Ultimate Band List: Search for all kinds of music

Big Cartoon Database: Searchable database of cartoons

Simpsons FAQ: FAQ of

Television Without Pity: Irreverent reviews of popular US television shows

The Baseball Archive: Stats and history of baseball


Catholic Encyclopedia: Information on Catholic teachings

Judaism 101: Information on Judaism

Bible Gateway: Multiple Bible versions in several languages

The Holy Qur’an: Searchable Koran

King James Bible: Searchable KJV Bible

Online Bibles: Links to multiple Bible versions

Skepticism and Debate

Skeptic’s Dictionary: Pseudoscience and the paranormal

Talk Origins Archive: Evolution v. Creation Science

Quackwatch: Guide to health frauds

Logic and Fallacies: Intro to arguments and logical fallacies

Government, Politics, and Law

Gov Spot: Links to hundreds of government entities

Vote Smart: Find out information about USA elected officials

UK Government Online: Links to all British government sites

Federal Government Central Directory: statistics gathered by USA government

US National Archives: Archives and records from all branches of the US government

Statistical Abstract of the US: USA Population census

Internet Guide to Law and Politics: Informative and current law-related Internet resources

Find Law: Law and legal resources

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