Straight Dope Message Board Portrait Gallery


As you may have noticed, the members of the Straight Dope Message Board seem interested in seeing pictures of their fellow board members (as you can tell by the many discussions on the topic). This site can serve as a portrait gallery for those who would like to share a visual aperçu of themselves with their fellow posters. You can have your own picture here too!

gallery On to the portrait gallery!


How to send in a photo

To have your photo here, send an e-mail to with the picture and your SDMB username. Or send a Private Message at the board to Arnold Winkelried with a link to your photo. Include at least these things: a link to your SDMB Profile, the date the picture was taken, and a caption (description) of the photo. The general guidelines (these are not hard and fast rules) are:

Straight Dope Message Board Flickr group

There is a Flickr group for Straight Dope Message Board members: SDMB meets Flickr. It is managed by Zyada and rjk. If you have a Flickr account and post pictures to your account, there’s a button on each picture that allows you to post a picture to a group’s pool. That’s all you have to do.

Hey Flickerites!

Previous message board discussions including member photos

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